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Vertical gardens / Green walls are the cutting edge to luxury & attractiveness, not only look impressive but will also make you feel more comfortable in your environment by tapping into nature’s inherent calming powers.


We use panel or a tray-based system with a soilless medium that is easy to install & maintain on lobby walls, office/home walls, out-door building & suitable surfaces.


We install and maintain a long-lasting system with inbuilt moisture sufficient irrigation system providing maintenance services such as removal of dead leaves, replacement of plants & pruning. Vertical gardens will offer a lush pop of colour, design & beauty to any environment.

We offer a huge collection of wall planters , hanging planters, living walls at affordable prices.

Need Of VERTICAL  Gardens  ?

Increase foot traffic in retail spaces as green walls create spaces that people want to spend time in.


Provide thermal insulation. As green walls provide insulation to buildings there is less demand upon power, saving cash as well as reducing the amount of nasty polluting by-products that are released into the atmosphere.


Vertical gardens both insulate and cool buildings, providing a kind of safety blanket that protects the building from the elements.

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