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Convert your empty terraces into highly aesthetic and functional part of your house with ALBA dedicated team of landscape architects. Turn it into recreational offices spaces or family gathering and party space or a space for your yoga exercising.

Terrace Gardens are source of highly nutritious food We all know vegetables and fruits do breathe.

But did you know veggies and fruits respire even after harvest? You heard right!! Yes, they breathe even after harvest that’s the reason they start to ripen and rot gradually.

In the process of respiration, the veggies and fruits break down the nutrients and thus the nutritional value lowers hour by hour.

I guess now you know why it is important to consume fresh food!! More the food is fresh, more the nutrients you gain.

So, terrace garden is best option to eat fresh food hurry!!


New Designs and Ideas

We’ve put a lot of thought in giving you the best possible experience to make your job easier by latest designs and ideas that suits your requirements.


Outstanding Support

Our ALBA team is highly experienced to serve you with all your service-related queries 24/7 for all the plants that we plant for the better growth.


Simply Beautiful

Our garden is not just nicely designed to fulfil all our client’s requirement but they are also built to show how much you care for beauty with its design.


Carefully Crafted

The Vertical Garden and Landscape that we develop are designed with latest trend and best practices in mind. These designs of plantations will give you an amazing look for your interior and exterior gardens.


Professional Services and Pricing

ALBA GARDENS believes in giving the quality services with garden related activities and the best competitive price compared to the market price.

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